Una Gita a … Venezia

3 weeks course (online) – in English & Italian with Laura Loddo.

Thu. 6:30-8:30 pm, Oct. 26, Nov. 2, 9

Instructor Laura Loddo will take you on a virtual tour of Venice , and share her insider knowledge about this picturesque city, its winding canals, striking architecture, and beautiful bridges.



Carlo Ellena

Carlo Ellena was born in the picturesque town of Savona, Liguria also known as the “Palm tree Riviera”. Interested in technological issues, he attended university in Pisa where he studied Artificial Intelligence and received his Masters in computer linguistics and expert systems. Mr. Ellena has been teaching for the Italian Cultural Society (ICS) since 2008 and became a standing board member in 2012. In 2013 Mr. Ellena joined the Subcomittee that regulates and runs the Italian Language School (ILP) at ICS. He is married to Varinia Daza and lives in Bethesda, Maryland. He is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish, and proficient in both French and Portuguese.