Retiring in Italy / Moving to Italy

Super Savvy Travelers, LLC

We help people find, purchase, and renovate their dream homes in Italy. We specialize in properties in Southern Italy.

Katie Quinn - From an American Perspective

I’m the founder of a creative communications company, QKatie, specializing in branded content regarding food, travel, and exploring curiosities. Global in its scope, in the past decade I’ve been based in NYC, London, Italy, and Toronto.

Buying Property in Italy

DauvO - How to buy auction property

Since I moved to Italy in 2013, I’ve been deeply interested in its real estate market. I’ve been documenting my investing experiences in Italy through a blog for some years now, and am happy to do so through video as well. This channel will cover real estate, personal finance, and lifestyle choices as an expat living in Italy with the hopes that it can benefit some of you out there in the Youtube world.

Italy's Best Resorts and Spas

Hannah Goddard - Review of Giardini Poseidon Terme Ischia

Italian Fashion

AnnalisaJ - How to Dress Like an Italian Woman

My name is Annalisa, I moved from Italy to California, and I run this channel dedicated to slow living and savoring the subtle flavors of life.

Travel Italy

Italy, Travel Tips & Financial Education

Italy, TRAVEL channel, and travel tips to help people experience beautiful destinations in Italy. Subscribe to ITALY TRAVEL CHANNEL for regular videos about Italy art and culture by an Art Historian. ITALY TRAVEL CHANNEL provides travel tips, travel vlogs, walking tours, and food info.

Italy by Italians

ITALY is so much more than what tourists usually see…

I’m Giulia, I’m Italian, and I’m traveling throughout my country with my husband to give you the best local tips.

Behind the Scenes of the First Excavation of Pompeii in 70 Years

In 2015, John S. Hendricks harnessed this passion to create Curiosity Stream, a streaming service meant to inspire ardent learners with the most curious minds of our time: visionaries in every major field of human endeavor, tackling the greatest challenges of our era.

We have thousands of documentary films and series available worldwide on a range of devices. Dive Deep into science, history, technology, nature, health and more.

Travel Italy

Glass of Venice - Murano Glass is a leading U.S. importer and distributor of authentic Murano Glass from Venice, Italy. In addition to selling a wide variety of Murano Glass covering the entire range of Murano production from jewelry to chandeliers, we provide thought leadership on the topic of Murano Glass techniques, authenticity, history, and related topics in the form of original articles, photos, and videos.

Italian Wine by Region

Gladiator Wines

Gladiator Wine TV explores the secrets to epic wine tasting through artisanal wines across Italy. Topics include wine tasting, wine collecting, wine types, secret cru wines, wine and food pairings, and wine storage.

Italian Wine Discovery - PART 1: Italian Wine 101

Hey welcome to Wines and Tunes! My name is Matthew Fagin and this channel is dedicated to all things related to WINE! In addition I have added some food pairings with recipes to go with some of the wines discussed.

Food and Cooking

Italian Squisita

When the recipes and the most loved ingredients have a face! Italia Squisita interweaves the cult of the great Italian chefs with the stories of the artisans and the makers who have made Italian gastronomic culture a global phenomenon.


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