Classical Language Program

Rome the head of the world

Rome the eternal city

All roads lead to Rome

*Have you ever wondered why we still say that after 2,000 years?

*Would you like to learn more about it?

For centuries Rome was the leader of the Western world, in military skills, engineering, medicine as well as philosophy art and literature. We are the products of them to many extents. Our language bears the Latin imprint today not only in medicine or law. This Latin course is organized with an hour of language learning and 30 minutes of history and art lecture from the very foundation of Rome (April 21st 753 B.C ) and you will see how a conglomerates of shepherds huts became the largest empire of the West.


 Beginners Latin

This course is intended for beginners who are interested in the basics of the Latin language and Roman History. The main purpose of Beginners’ Latin is to impart fundamental notions of the Latin language following the text Ecce Romani I. Fundamentals of grammar and syntax will be the focus of study and emphasis will be given to Latin as a source of linguistic performance in other languages, particularly English and Italian.

The text tells the story of a Roman Senator’s family and their life in the outskirts of Rome. The narrative introduces students to Latin language while teaching the use of the declensions and conjugations. Initial concepts are easily approachable and complexity increases gradually so as to permit a layer-by-layer development of knowledge.

BEGINNER LATIN is also offered during summer, in a TWO WEEKS IMMERSION COURSE, August 5th – 16th at 6:00-7:30 (online)

Intermediate Latin

Intermediate Latin will cover fourth and fifth declension nouns, second class adjectives, and 3rd and 4th active voice conjugations for the indicative mood. It also includes personal and demonstrative pronouns as well as cardinal and nominal numerals (Ecce Romani I).

Advanced Latin

Advanced Latin will deal with passive voice alongside first, second, third and fourth conjugations’ of verbs in the indicative mood (Ecce Romani II). It will cover the subjunctive, infinitive, imperative, and participial moods for all 4 conjugations and interrogative pronouns. The course will introduce the reading of Classical texts, particularly Caesar’s De Bello Gallico.

Material: Ecce Romani volumes I, II, and III. You can buy it used on or at the ICS used if available ($20).

Cost: $330 – adults/teens 15 hr. course (with a minimum of 5 students); ICS members: $315; Seniors save $5.

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The instructor:
Prof. Luigi De Luca, recently awarded by the Italian Government for preserving Italy’s prestige abroad, has been teaching Latin courses for many years at middle schools and universities in the area. He holds a Ph.D. in Greek and Latin from Catholic University, an M.A. in Latin from the University of Maryland, and an M.A. in Greek from Catholic University of America.

Intermediate Latin for Italian Teens

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Ancient Greek Language 

10 week course for Teens/Adults (in English)

Learn the basics of the ancient Greek language within the context of ancient Greek culture. Fundamentals of grammar and syntax will be studied. Emphasis will be given to ancient Greek as a source of linguistic performance in other languages, including its influence on the English language.

Wed. 12:15-1:45pm (Bethesda/online)

Sat. 3:45-5:15pm (Bethesda/online)


Material: Athenaze, Book 1, An Introduction to Ancient Greek (Coursebook) / Athenaze, Workbook I: An Introduction to Ancient Greek by Maurice Balme (2016-02-18) (Workbook)