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Beginner Language Courses

Adult beginner-level courses (A1) have no prerequisites.

CLICK Here to find out more about levels and curriculum.


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Beginner Language Courses

Adult beginner level language courses (A1) have no prerequisites.

CLICK Here to find out more about levels and curriculum.

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Alessandra Di Vetta

I come from Cassino, the city of the famous Abbey of Montecassino. I have a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and I have a PhD in Literary Text and Historical Sources with a specialization in English Literature and a thesis on William Shakespeare.

I came to the United States two years ago, I first lived in Hawaii where I taught at Hawaii Pacific University, and only recently I moved to Virginia, Alexandria. I have always had a great passion: teaching. In Italy I was a qualified teacher at the Ministry of Education and I had the opportunity to teach with schools of different types and levels.

In my spare time, in the past, I collaborated with volunteer associations for the promotion of Italian culture and in particular I worked on the protection of small territorial realities and their traditions.
I love reading, nature walks, art in all its forms and traveling

Dr. Annelise Brody Morani

Chair of the Board, Executive Committee

Annelise received her laurea in comparative literature at the university of Bologna with a thesis on Dante and the Rossetti family. She received also her MA and Ph.D in Italian literature from the JHU with a thesis on Virginity in Early Italian literature. She then went on teaching as a faculty member at various college institutions joining Washington University in Saint Louis in 2005 where she taught Italian language, literature and cinema at all levels. She also served as language coordinator until 2018. She developed and taught online language courses as a winner of a grant in language and technology research at her institution (2014) She became proficient in using both Blackboard and Canvas platforms.

Her main research interest is in Medieval Italian literature and in particular in literature and ethics. She published papers on Petrarch and Boccaccio, presented at numerous conferences.

Annelise is also a passionate yoga practitioner and a certified yoga instructor in Hatha yoga and ELDOA 1&2. She has been teaching yoga to dancers, children as well as seniors. Her focus is on improving mobility and spinal health.

Silvana Amato

Hello, my name is Silvana Amato and I was born in Comiso, Sicily.

I first learned English in Middle School. I then graduated from the Liceo Liguistico in Vittoria, Sicily, and later received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Maryland (UMUC). I like to teach Italian to share my passion for the language and for all aspects of Italian culture.

I have lived in many parts of Italy, in the US, and Japan. I previously taught at the Italian Cultural Society until 2005.  I then moved to Naples, Italy where I taught Italian from 2006 to 2019 for U.S. and NATO forces as an instructor for Central Texas College.