Elena Buttiero

Elena Buttiero graduated in piano from the Turin Conservatoire ‘G. Verdi’ and has performed in various cities across Italy, as well as in Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, France, Romania, the Czech Republic, Serbia, the United States, Canada, Tanzania, Argentina, and Uruguay. As a harpist with Birkin Tree, she has released two CDs: ‘Continental Reel’ and ‘A Cheap Presen.’ Collaborating with Carlo Aonzo, they published ‘Il Mandolino Italiano nel Settecento’ and ‘Fantasia Poetica.’ In 2009, the Duo was honored with the Ligurian Region Prize in the Cultural section. Elena recorded the CDs ‘Arethusa Consortium’ in 2012, ‘Saluti dall’Italia’ in 2013, and ‘Lontano nel Mondo’ in 2015, dedicated to Luigi Tenco’s songs. In 2021, she released ‘The Baroque Hurdy-Gurdy at the French Royal Court’ with Francesco Giusta. In the field of education, she authored the solfege method ‘Il Centone,’ the piano method ‘Primo Piano,’ the ‘Piano Antologia,’ and the ‘Antologia Pianistica a 4 Mani’ for Carisch/Hal Leonard. Elena serves as the artistic director of the Mozart Savona Association and the Allegro con Moto Association.

Anita Frumento

Anita Frumento graduated from the Conservatory of Cuneo, earning a Level II Academic Diploma in Piano and Chamber Music with top marks and honors. She studied under Sergio Lattes and Massimiliano Damerini at the Conservatory of Genoa and under Massimo Cottica at the Conservatory of Piacenza. Furthering her education, she completed a Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana, guided by Sandro D’Onofrio and Andrea Conenna. Anita also attended seminars in Elementary Music Education led by Silvia Klemm. Her exploration of chamber and contemporary repertoire includes mentorship from L. Bartelloni, M. Caroli, L. Castellani, the Debussy Trio at the Academy of Music in Pinerolo, R. Gubler, and F. Thouand. She delved into the ancient repertoire with D. Fratelli, S. Molardi, B. Petrucci, M. Valli, B. Zanichelli, and Zoboli. Anita has been actively involved in prestigious festivals both in Italy and abroad, collaborating with notable ensembles such as the Ensemble Nuove Musiche of Savona, the Savona Symphony Orchestra, the ‘900presente Ensemble, and the Research and Development Division of the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland. She premiered works by emerging contemporary composers. From 2015 to 2023, she served as a teacher at the MAT Artistic Center in Lugano (Switzerland) and as the Teaching Director of the Classical Music Section. A winner of the 2016 MIUR national competition, Anita has been a tenured piano teacher at the Liceo Musicale “P. Bausch” in Busto Arsizio (Va) since September 2017. Since September 2023, she has been teaching piano at the Liceo Musicale “Giordano Bruno” in Albenga (Sv). Anita regularly performs in Italy and abroad as part of various chamber ensembles, and she is a managing member of the APS Nuovi Contesti Sonori in Clusone (Bg)

Francesco Ciabattoni

Francesco Ciabattoni is the Term Professor in Italian Literature in Georgetown College, and a specialist in medieval Italian literature. He received his Laurea in Lettere from the Università degli Studi di Torino and his PhD in Italian Studies from Johns Hopkins University. Dr Ciabattoni’s research focus lies on Dante and the middle ages, Petrarch, Boccaccio, and the interplay of music and literature. He has published extensively on such topics, including a monograph on the role of music in Dante’s Commedia (Dante’s Journey to Polyphony, University of Toronto Press, 2010), one on the lyrics of Italy’s songwriters (La citazione è sintomo d’amore, Carocci, 2016), and edited volumes such as: The Decameron Third Day in Perspective: Volume Three of the Lectura Boccaccii. Edited by Francesco Ciabattoni & Pier Massimo Forni: University of Toronto Press, 2014. L’Editio Princeps della Commedia (Foligno 1472). Edited by Francesco Ciabattoni & Alessandro Scarsella, Milan: Biblion, 2022. Crocevia. Percorsi dell’Intermedialità. Edited by Francesco Ciabattoni, Fulvio Orsitto, and Simona Wright, LED, 2022. Dante Alive: Essays on a Cultural Icon. Edited by Francesco Ciabattoni & Simone Marchesi, Routledge, 2022. His new monograph on the performative aspects of Dante’s masterpiece (Dante’s Divine Performance) is currently in preparation. Prof. Ciabattoni has also published a collection of original poems (Paradosso terrestre, Il filo, 2008) as well as individual poems in such journals as Gradiva, In forma di parole, Breviario poetico, and Poesia. Prof. Ciabattoni is also the founder and director of https://theitaliansong.com/, the first bilingual website about Italian songwriters, with critical commentaries and translations.


The Italian Cultural Society of Washington DC, l’Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Washington, Georgetown University Italian Department, and Music Department were delighted to present a piano four hands concert featuring Elena Buttiero and Anita Frumento.

This special event took place at the Georgetown University McNeir Auditorium on October 10th and showcased ‘The Divine Comedy of Dante’ for piano four hands by Cesare San Fiorenzo—an original composition forgotten for over a century. Pianists Buttiero and Frumento led a musicological exploration that brought to light extraordinary and evocative melodies, filling the auditorium with enchanting sounds.

Guiding the audience through this musical journey, Prof. Francesco Ciabattoni of Georgetown University introduced and provided insightful commentary. The concert also featured readings from Prof. Ciabattoni’s students, adding a rich layer of literary context to the performance.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Georgetown University and to everyone who joined us for this enchanting afternoon of music and literature.