Summer Intensive

Two-week Intensive Summer Program (NEW!!!)

An immersion experience into Italian language and culture in Bethesda with the ICS!

June 20th to July 1st and July 11 to 22nd.

From Monday to Friday, daily schedule:
– 10:00am-12:00pm ET Course in person at the ICS, or via Zoom
– 12:15-1:45 Pizzeria da Marco (only in person, lunch not included)
– 2:00-3:00 in person at the ICS, or via Zoom

Choose from:
Beginners/Elementary Intensive (A1-A2) * starts June 20th
Intermediate Intensive (B1-B2)  * starts July 11th

CLICK Here to find out more about levels and curriculum.


– 10:00-12:00: Basic course Intensive Program (10 hours per week)

– 12:15-1:45: Lunch & Conversation in Pizzeria (7.5 hours per week with lunch; special price for ICS)
You can enjoy lunch at an Italian Restaurant, while conversing and reinforcing what you learned in the morning. Lunch time session is also open to other students who want to practice conversation, if at the appropriate level.

– 2:00-3:00: 1 hour review & practice (5-hours per week)
You can add an extra hour to review and practice the program of the morning or other issues at the students’ request.

Which course should I choose?
If you know some Italian, but you want to review from the beginning, Beginners Intensive alone could be enough for the first week, for Beginner level; if you are a true beginner, or you are starting Elementary or Intermediate level this summer, we recommend you also attend the extra hours at the restaurant and/or at 2:00-3:00, because in the morning a great amount of program is covered, at a fast pace.

Course & Price per week:

1 – Basic course Intensive Program:
$210 (ICS Member $190)
2 – Basic course + Lunch & Conversation in pizzeria:
$380 (ICS Member $360)
3 – Basic course + 1 hour review & practice:
$330 (ICS Member $310)
4 – ALL OPTIONS,  $470 (ICS Member $430)
5 – Daily Lunch Drop-in $35 (Lunch not included)

Location: The ICS headquarters, Pizzeria da Marco, Bethesda, MD.

2. Immersion Course

This 16-hour course will prepare you to find your way around Italy and enjoy interacting with its people. It focuses on real, practical situations of Italian in daily life, employing a variety of  learning materials and videos. Minimum of 8 students required, or course will meet for 13 hrs. instead of 16 hrs.

When:  Saturday & Sunday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

March 19–20 • June 25–26 • August 20–21

Class activities include strong student participation, cultural presentations, simulations, songs, role playing and many other group activities.

Learn how to: introduce yourself, go through customs formalities, take public transportation (taxi, bus, train), ask for directions, make hotel reservations, order at a restaurant, rent a car, refill your tank, buy train tickets, postcards, stamps, inquire about prices for food, arts and crafts, souvenirs, clothing, and shoes!

Grammatical points: Articles: definite/indefinite, Nouns: gender/number, Adjectives: possessive/qualitative, Prepositions,Verbs: present/simple past/commands

Material & Methods: Role-playing, Handouts, Songs and Videos.

Schedule 2021:

Day: March 20–21, June 19–20, August 21–22

Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (ET)

Location: NOW ON ZOOM!