E. Bernhardt

Elizabeth Bernhardt‘s major research interests focus on women’s culture and family life in Renaissance Italy. She also studies Italian artists and artisan culture from the 15th c. as well as in today’s world. She completed her PhD in early modern European history at the University of Toronto and has lived in Italy for over twenty years. Her area of specialization is 15th c. Bologna, and her manuscript on Genevra Sforza de’ Bentivoglio (ca. 1441-1507) and her enormous family won an award (as best “unpublished manuscript” from the Society of Italian Historical Studies). The text has been extensively researched in various 15th-century sources across approximately thirty Italian archives. While in Italy, she has taught courses on her primary interests: the history and culture of the Italian family (for the University of California in Rome) and the history of art and Italian craftsmanship in the early modern period (for the Liceo Classico Giulio Cesare in Rome). She has also authored two textbooks on Italian modern art during her time there. In her hometown in Missouri, USA, she has taught Italian culture courses at both Saint Louis University and Washington University in St. Louis.


Last Sunday, November 19th, Dr. Elizabeth Bernhardt shared her revisionist biography, “Genevra Sforza and the Bentivoglio” 📖🎉

Her research, spanning thirty Italian archives, redefines Genevra’s narrative, challenging negative posthumous portrayals. The 500+ year saga explores her life amid the ancient culture of Bologna, questioning preconceptions.

The public’s appreciation for the presentation was evident through the lively interaction during the Q&A, and also during the refreshments time, which provided a pleasant conclusion to the event.

Thanks to all who joined, in person and virtually!