Come si dice?

This mini course is intended for students of all levels.

It doesn’t aim to enter the intricate realm of grammar but rather to provide the student with a list of ready-made sentences and expressions. Come to class prepared with all your “come si dice” questions! (5 classes; hybrid)

Wed. 10:30-11:30AM with Valentina Asciutti



Valentina Asciutti

Valentina Asciutti was born in Pescara, the city of flamboyant Italian poet and writer Gabriele D’Annunzio, a lovely town on the Adriatic Coast, in the Abruzzo region. As the Italian diplomat and journalist Primo Levi said after visiting Abruzzo in 1882: “dopo aver visitato e conosciuto l’Abruzzo, dico io: Abruzzo Forte e Gentile”. “Forte e Gentile” has since then become the motto of the region as it best describes the beauty of the region and the character of its people.

Valentina’s background is in Classics. She attended Liceo Classico in her hometown and proceeded to receive a BA in Classics at Università di Chieti. In 2003 she moved to the United Kingdom where she completed a Master of Arts at Durham University and then moved to London where she was awarded a PhD in Classics at King’s College London. After completing her PhD she embraced the new and cutting edge Digital Humanities field, learning how to best apply modern technologies, software tools and digital methods to the study of Humanities, in particular Latin, Classical Literature, History and Archaeology.  She was a Research Associate at the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London for five years before moving to the US. Valentina has been tutoring children and adults in Latin and Ancient Greek since she was a high-school student and is very passionate about teaching and communicating with her students.

She joined the Italian Cultural Society when she moved to Bethesda three years ago. She has  been contributing with the editing, writing and translating articles for the monthly newsletter Poche Parole and has recently joined the instructors team after completing a course on “Contemporary Italian and teaching it as a foreign language”.

She loves traveling, cooking, eating, and street art among many other things.